Brewery Sticker

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A good friend of mine, Jamie K. Cain, has been doing some design work for us for our upcoming website; here is his latest design!!

We are looking to offer this as a sticker!


Upcoming Merchandise!!

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Here is a sneak preview for a shirt we will have for sale in the very near future!

This shirt is for our IPA brew, HopNaughty IPA.

We are also in the process of finalizing a shirt design for our Irish Red Ale Brew, Imperial Moustache Red

Check back for updates; and don’t worry we will have plenty of colors to choose from!


**Artwork by Josh Woods of Black 13 Tattoo Studio in Nashville, TN**

We were very excited about this brew! Being a fan of Red’s we were really looking forward to brewing one and letting other craft beer lover’s enjoy it with us.

So we brewed, we bottled, we waited, and when the time finally arrived, we tasted. Initial tasting was great. Just a bit of hop aroma, great taste and a near perfect (we like to think) aftertaste; a dry, roastiness lingered on the palate until you took the next drink. It wasn’t overbearing, it wasn’t weak, it was right in the middle.

The initial brew had some great characteristics, but we were missing a few things.  So we went back to the drawing board and revised this recipe to fill the gaps the original wasn’t able to do.  Time will now tell us if we were successful, so stay tuned!

**Imperial Moustache Red v1.1 has a revised ABV of 5.7%, with intentions of a sweeter, more caramel taste. Brewed to give more body with a fuller more richer mouthfeel.

Imperial Moustache Red

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This is our version of an Irish Red Ale…..

Estimated ABV: 4.25% with IBU’s sitting @ 40

Characteristics of this Red lends to a dry/roasty finish with a more than average hoppy character. As you can see the IBU is a bit out of the normal range (probably because we are hopheads).  Taste will be sweet and ever so slightly bitter and finish clean.

Will keep everyone updated as tasting commences!


and so it begins….

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In thinking of a way to keep the local craft beer drinkers up to date on the latest brewery to hit the scene in Northern Alabama, a blog came to mind. Although I consider myself to be somewhat tech savvy, I will say this is my first blog.

Updates to the site will be regular and, well, up to date!  Updates will give the latest info on the brewery; with items such as status, where to find our brews, new brews, merchandise and so forth.

So, if you find yourself wondering what’s up with Salty Nut Brewery, check the blog! or heck even subscribe and the latest info will be personally delivered to you!